NOENE ergonomic ac2 shock absorbing insoles
Invisible SOS1 NOENE shock absorbing insoles
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Complete insole solution for everyday wear so nothing slows you down. Our NOENE® INVISIBLE ACTIVITY Value Pack contains our cut-to-fit undersoles INVISIBLE-SOS1 shock absorbing insoles and our NOENE® ERGONOMIC-AC2 full replacement insole.

INVISIBLE-SOS1 shock absorbing insoles absorb and disperse upto 95% of shock, preventing this shock from entering your joints and muscles. Recommended for everyday use in ALL types of shoes, used under or over your existing insole or solid shoe.

  • Undersoles 1 mm thick
  • Ultra-thin and light (13 g)
  • Place under the original sole
  • Not covered in fabric
  • Washable and reusable
  • Sizes: 36/39 • 40/42 • 43/46 • 47/50
  • Cut-to-fit insoles

The NOENE® ERGONOMIC-AC2 insoles are ergonomic and flexible and are designed to suit all types of sports shoes as a replacement for the original insole absorbing up to 98% of shock. Perfect for playing sport or activities which require more support and our unparalleled joint protection.

This sports insole combines different materials and fabrics:

  • Replacement sports insole
  • Ergonomic and light, with 2-mm-thick NOENE®material 
  • Designed to be used with socks

Ultimate protection

  • Washable and reusable
  • Sizes: From 36 to 48
  • Can be used for everyday wear
  • Extra support provided (arch support, heel, metatarsal)

Keep yourself running for longer with our NOENE® INVISIBLE ACTIVITY Value Pack and enjoy joint protection and a saving of $30.00

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