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Complete insole solution for active wear so nothing slows you down. Our NOENE® ERGONOMIC ACTIVITY Value Pack contains our complete replacement sports ERGONOMIC-AC2 shock absorbing insoles and our NOENE® OPTIMUM-OFP2 2mm insole with NEXUS Energy Source®

NOENE® OPTIMUM-OFP2 insoles combine the properties of the Noene® material with the NEXUS Energy Source® fabric. The OPTIMUM insoles are unique and revolutionary. They help reduce the undesirable effects of gravity on the joints.

NEXUS Energy Source® is a high-tech fibre combining three noble metals—platinum, titanium and aluminium—that gives this fabric the unique property of emitting far infrared waves (FIR), which have health benefits.

The Nexus textile fiber is a smart polyester . The intelligent fiber world is a new one. Its potential is being studied by an evolving science, clothing physiology. This analyses relations between body, climate and clothing. Eminent Universities and Research Institutes, in Italy and abroad, have researched the properties and characteristics of Nexus fiber textiles, acknowledging their effectiveness on the entire human activity cycle: in sport and when resting.

This fiber's specific composition, patented globally, produces a natural, continuous infrared emission. Its patented mix, enriched with noble metals, emits natural, unique energy that can optimise the role played by water in our body's biological processes.

Not being a surface finish, its benefits do not decrease over time nor when washed.
Nexus garments need no special care or maintenance. They wash like normal polyester... but dry faster!  

  • Insoles 2 mm thick
  • Thin and light
  • Suitable for all types of footwear
  • NOENE® base with NEXUS Energy Source®
  • Designed to be used with socks
  • Washable and reusable
  • Sizes: From 36 to 46

    The NOENE® ERGONOMIC-AC2 insoles are ergonomic and flexible and are designed to suit all types of sports shoes as a replacement for the original insole absorbing up to 98% of shock. Perfect for playing sport or activities which require more support and our unparalleled joint protection.

    This sports insole combines different materials and fabrics:

    • Replacement sports insole
    • Ergonomic and light, with 2-mm-thick NOENE®material 
    • Designed to be used with socks

    Ultimate protection

    • Washable and reusable
    • Sizes: From 36 to 48
    • Can be used for everyday wear
    • Extra support provided (arch support, heel, metatarsal)

    Keep yourself running for longer with our NOENE® ERGONOMIC ACTIVITY Value Pack and enjoy joint protection and a saving of $30.00

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